HDD Data Recovery Services Is Very Helpful For Data Backup

A distinctive feature of Neuron is the provision of Data Recovery Services from hard drives with any of the SATA, SAS, SCSI, FC and other interfaces. In this, it is the undisputed leader in the market of the city of Barnaul and the Altai Territory. 

They turn to us when no one else could help, when the Data Recovery Services is really needed and their loss is critical. This is due to many years of experience in this field and our own software and hardware developments. You can contact us if you need:

  • Recovering deleted files
  • Restoring files after formatting or deleting or destroying the logical structure of the file system
  • Recovery of information in case of partial or complete failure of the controller
  • Data recovery in case of violation of service information or malfunction inside the hard drive HDA
  • Data recovery in case of any damage to the storage medium
  • Recovery of information after the “work” of encryption viruses

The possibility of information recovery , as well as the cost of services (for recovery) and the time required for this are determined after a free diagnosis. All further manipulations are carried out after agreement with the customer.

The issue of confidentiality of your information today plays an important role. We guarantee the privacy of your data. The process of information recovery itself, from a technical point of view, excludes direct viewing of files. The Linkedin data array is subtracted in the “sector by sector” mode in the form of a closed “image” and checked for integrity by structural analysis.

Data Recovery Services

If you want to see the result in the form of files, then the specialist unfolds the image and shows it to you with a visible and understandable result.

Do’s and don’ts for users:

Opening a disk at home greatly complicates the process of data recovery, and often makes it impossible at all due to irreversible damage to the magnetic layer.

It is fundamentally impossible to recover data that has been overwritten by other data. If an important file is accidentally deleted, you must immediately turn off the computer from the network (pull the plug out of the socket) to prevent possible overwriting of this file. A regular shutdown (in Windows via the START button, for example) will write a certain amount of information to the disk, which can be fatal .