How To Data Recovery Photos From A Broken Phone?

Jack couldn’t believe his big, thousand-dollar Galaxy S10 was ruined…it had slipped out of his hand and hit the ground. Lying on the floor with a cracked screen, the S10 was a painful sight. But the next moment he realized he had bigger problems… the precious family photos on his phone were supposedly lost forever… Anger and grief flooded his mind.

The answer is that it depends. A physically damaged phone does not mean total Data Recovery loss. However, the success of photo recovery (and method) largely depends on the type and extent of damage to your phone.

Data from severely damaged Android phone can only be recovered by professional Data Recovery service providers in their specialized labs. However, there are do-it-yourself tools and techniques that can help you recover photos from broken phone.

So, before bringing your phone to a mobile data recovery center, try the following DIY methods to recover photos from your broken or damaged Android phone.

Use your computer’s AutoPlay function to recover photos from your broken Android phone. For this method, your phone’s USB slot must work, as you need to connect a USB cable for this. USB debugging must be enabled for you to connect the Twitter phone to a Windows PC via a USB cable.

However, if USB debugging is disabled, you won’t see anything on the screen when you connect your phone to computer. In this case, just use an OTG cable to connect your Android phone to a mouse, then control the operations of the broken phone with the mouse. Your phone must support an OTG cable.